In 2006, White Conch acquired a 100 year old farm house in rural central Wisconsin. Over the next several years, groups of dedicated students volunteered countless hours of restoration work to return the establishment to it’s original beauty. “The Hermitage”, as it is fondly referred to, was the launchpad for White Conch hosted retreats.

Since that time, Lotus Lake Buddhist Center has grown. In 2010, nearby land was purchased and construction began on “Norbu House”. Situated on 65 acres of woods and prairies, Norbu combines the sweetness and simplicity of quiet farmland and the natural beauty of dense pine and deciduous forests with the comfort of a modern retreat center.

Lotus Lake is open year round and accommodates group events as well as individuals looking to find time for quiet, private retreat. To schedule a private retreat or for other inquiries please contact our retreat coordinator, Ngawang Khandro, at or by phone at 715-743-6743.





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