overcomingburnoutOvercoming Burnout

Many compassionate people in the helping and healing professions are at risk of burnout. This includes doctors, nurses,  allied health, hospice workers,  teachers, counselors,  public safety personnel, parents,  and anyone who deals with people.  In her Healing the Healer series, Rinpoche offers advice to help prevent and recover from burnout or empathy / compassion fatigue.


Loving Kindness: How to be compassionate without burning out

  • In this continuing education program for nurses, Rinpoche discusses how to avoid burnout.

Audio – November 8, 2012:  Loving Kindness: How to be compassionate without burning out



Preventing Burnout

  • Rinpoche describes the signs of burnout and discusses early warning signs. She explores the physical and mental signs that some practitioners may not be aware is going on inside. Then she gives proactive preventive techniques to help the healer grow in her/his own personal process.

Audio – August 11, 2009:  Healing the Healer (German / English)



Advice for Hospice: How much loss can one person take?

  • Domo Geshe Rinpoche  leads an important discussion on loss and shares Buddhist principles of how to remain stable, healthy and compassionate while caring for those you know will die.

Audio – April 2, 2014:  How Much Loss Can One Person Take


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