Self cherishing or selfishness leads to much of our unhappiness and our negative behavior toward others.  A healthy self respect is needed for good emotional balance and wellness. We want to learn true compassion, and how to get along with others. Overcoming the faulty dynamic of  self cherishing allows us to awaken our heart in a clean way.

 Overcoming Self-Cherishing

Tong Len is a high purification practice that the practitioner can grow into and accomplish. There are many levels in which this practice is done, according to the purity and skill of the practitioner. Self-cherishing and the innate view must be overcome in order to cleanse obstacles in yourself before you can remove obstacles in others. You must open yourself up and see that all sentient beings are dear to you. Domo Geshe Rinpoche shows the technique and visualization for this meditation by using your own suffering to destroy your self cherishing.

Audio – May 19, 2010:  Compassion and the Breath (Tonglen)


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