helpingothersMany people feel a strong need to help others; this desire comes from a deep inner place of knowing and frequently influences our career choices to be in the helping professions (doctors, nurses, teachers, counselors, social workers, activists, those that care for others needs, etc.)  or a desire to help others in our community or workplace.  In these teachings, we explore ways we can help others in a healthy manner.


Enlightened Activism

  • Domo Geshe Rinpoche speaks on activists, participants and advocates. Activists may be either with or without personal agenda. If an activist becomes impatient, it leads to frustration, then anger, then failure. Successful activists can feel the energy of what is possible to be done and what is not. Rinpoche teaches the yogic technique of checking the energetic cushion of support for an endeavor. Bodhisattvas have the agenda to place all sentient beings into perfection without remainder. As a bodhisattva, you must become the one who is capable of seeing what is possible and when.

Audio November 20, 2007:  Ordinary and enlightened activism


The Joy of Caring for Others at the End of Life

Many people see caring for another at the end of life as a heavy burden, but from a different perspective it can be viewed as an opportunity to experience joy. Rinpoche teachs about the joyful path towards this grand transition.

    • Audio February 29, 2012  The Joy of Caring for Others at the End of Life


How Much Loss Can One Person Take?

  • Even though we know every being will pass away, we still struggle with the reality of death. Hospice workers, whether paid or volunteer, face a special challenge. All their patients die while receiving care. In time, workers can “burn out,” which is sometimes called “compassion fatigue.” Some researchers say there is no such thing—compassion fatigue is actually something else, and we need to understand it in order to prevent it. Domo Geshe Rinpoche will lead an important discussion on loss and will share Buddhist principles of how to remain stable, healthy and compassionate while caring for those you know will die.

Audio April 2, 2014  How Much Loss Can One Person Take?


Being a Healing Presence in the World

  • We bring presence, of one type or another, into all our interactions. Where does this presence come from? Is it innate or can we choose the nature of that presence? In this teaching, Domo Geshe Rinpoche will draw our awareness to the energetic presence we possess and will lead us in an exploration of how we can direct our energies to bring benefit to ourselves and the world. We can bring healing presence into every moment of our lives. Rinpoche will offer the mantra of Medicine Buddha, the great model of healing in the Buddhist tradition.

Audio April 4, 2014  Being a Healing Presence in the World


April 30, 2016 Teaching Being a Healing Presence in the World Part 1 and 2 ( Germany)

How do we affect the tendril of our world?


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