Our hearts open when we receive loving-kindness, a universal medicine easing emotional distress and alienation in a troubled world.

This warmhearted, healing balm includes qualities such as optimism, gentleness, friendliness, forgiveness and lack of fear. How can we develop and apply it?


A Warm Heart

  • Rinpoche discusses Loving Kindness as a warm heart.



April 29, 2013 A Warm Heart in English with German translation



The Healing Power of Loving Kindness

Loving-kindness can help us keep our balance when we are challenged by difficult people or situations. It softens our defensive barriers against others and brings healing to relationships.

Rinpoche discusses the benefits of being warm hearted on our self and others, and then explores the various aspects of gentleness as a component of being warm hearted (kind) such as gentle with self, others, the past and the future. This teaching also includes Refuge commentary on refuge in guru and three precious gems.

Audio -May 30, 2013: The Healing Power of Loving Kindness: Warm Hearted and Gentle


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