Liberate the Mind, Awaken the Heart, Benefit the World Learning Modules

Learn more about Buddhism and its tenets. We’ve compiled a resource rich series of learning modules to facilitate a better understanding of the profound impact the teachings of the Buddha still have 2,600 years later.



Liberate the Mind

Stress, worry, anxiety, anger, jealousy, greed, miserliness, inappropriate pride, selfishness, inner critic, negative thinking, guilt….our mind can be filled with negativity, and this leads to our unhappiness. There is a way out. Our natural state is one of joy and lightness. Begin the step by step process to find your way Home.



Awaken the Heart

“Awaken the Heart” of compassion and loving kindness. Learning true compassion and how to get along with others allows us to lower our barriers and heal so we can open our hearts.




Benefit the World 

Many people feel a strong desire to help others that comes from deep inside. It is our nature. Learn more about this innate quality and how we can benefit the world.

White Conch