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Request for Access to Restricted Materials on White Conch Website based on Empowerments

Please confirm what empowerments you have received to receive access to those materials on the White Conch website.

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Refuge Vows
Green Wisdom Light
Buddha Shakyamuni
Medicine Buddha
White Tara
Green Tara
21 Taras
Cittamani Tara
Chenrezig - 4 armed
Chenrezig - 1000 armed
Heruka Chakrasamvara
Guru Puja Commentary
Tsok Commentary
Medicine Water commentary
Rainbow Light Purification commentary
King of Prayers commentary
Direct and Unmistaken Method - 24 hour Mahayana vows
Sharer Training
King Of Prayers
Refuge field

We will process your request and once verified, you will be given access to those restricted materials on the website. It may take up to one week for this process to occur.
When approved the links will appear on your meditation My Accounts Page and in the store pages for access to purchase past teachings.

Ongoing: Please update new empowerments you receive if not automatically updated by two weeks after the event.

Thank you,
Executive Director
White Conch Dharma Center

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