A Domo Geshe Rinpoche Event, Tibetan Buddhist Tradition


The Dragons of Hope and Happiness

October 13th, Friday     7:00–8:30 pm Eastern Time

Location:  The Sanctuary, 221 Queen St., Kingston, ON (old Queen Street Unity Church)

Suggested Donation: $15       Pre-Register Here: Registration Page  

Life seems to flow by and we are caught up in responsibilities and daily activities.  And yet one of our life’s duties is to change and transform. Where do we find the time for growth and the motivation to shift our priorities? The dragons of happiness and hope guide us to integrate new harmony into our lives. Domo Geshe Rinpoche teaches a fresh view of our inner world from a Tibetan Buddhist perspective.


The Healing Power of an Open Heart, Half Day Workshop

October 14th, Saturday   1:00–3:30 pm Eastern Time

Private Home, 256 Mowat Ave, Kingston. Enter through the side gate please.                                               

Suggested Donation: $25        Pre-Register Here: Registration Page

Our heart has to be motivated by love in order to heal ourselves and others. Rinpoche discusses three reasons why the energy cannot flow freely and how to change it. An open heart causes transformation in our relationships with others and within ourselves. With guided meditation.



Domo Geshe Rinpoche presents the proven methods of Tibetan Buddhism, with a thorough understanding of Western culture and language. Through her teachings, the dharma comes alive in the hearts of her students. Rinpoche is accessible to students and provides each one with personal instruction and guidance. Domo Geshe Rinpoche teaches how we can end our self-created suffering and awaken deep compassion and wisdom. While being rooted in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition of transformative meditation, her teachings are skillfully adapted for Western students—with lots of humor. She founded White Conch Dharma Center in 2001.


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