A Summer of Service and Study

March 10, 2016 Lotus Lake No Comments

With spring bounding back into our lives, Lotus Lake is now accepting internship applications. Volunteering is a unique opportunity for personal development. You will join a resident community of monastic ordained in gardening, landscaping, and event preparations. Volunteers are afforded: Three delicious, garden fresh daily… Read More »

A Breakfast Essay

March 2, 2016 Lotus Lake No Comments

Grab your toast, slap on some butter, and take a seat at the ten foot long, mosaic dining table. For breakfast this morning, Rinpoche is treating us to a preview of her upcoming book Sensing Shades of Reality. We’ve got a full house of people on… Read More »


February 24, 2016 Lotus Lake No Comments

“Your meditation area and the objects that you place there are reflections of your mental efforts toward creating a beautiful space for you to do your meditation … when you look at the pictures and the statues, then you are remembering something inside. It is… Read More »

In Between

February 17, 2016 Lotus Lake No Comments

It’s 33 degrees and the snow is melting. The pine trees are again standing tall after the heavy, white blanket has slipped through their wispy, verdant needles. An overcast sky seems just out of arms reach and somewhere higher up the sun is desiring an… Read More »

White Conch