Tonglen National Broadcast

For those who will be viewing the Tonglen National Video Broadcast on Saturday September 26th, please access your viewing page by clicking here.

Live-brodcastHalf Day Events

White Conch will use video streaming for Rinpoche’ s Half Day events when possible.   Those programs being streamed will have a notation in the event details.

White Conch hosts gatherings in various locations to participate in the streamed events in a group setting with live communication with the local site.  We can participate in the discussion by submitting questions and comments directly. We try to make the programs as interactive as possible.  Currently we video stream half day programs in Wisconsin. 

For those not living near a White Conch community gathering (sangha), participants can register for the event online, receive the video stream information, and watch it at their location.

Evening Events (90 min)Rinpoche-teaching

Evening teachings are frequently broadcast on conference call.

Please contact us for more information at

Event Calendar for Upcoming Live Broadcast Events



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