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What Makes Us Strong?

April 5, 2017 Ngawang Tenzing No Comments

There is a certain kind of strength one needs to blaze a new trail. Becoming a naturopathic doctor, and entering Buddhist monastic life are two directions I’ve taken that might be considered pioneering in nature. Pondering this recently, I wondered, “What made me strong enough… Read More »

March 27, 2017 Yeshe Ozer No Comments

Spider was dangling by a thin thread from Beaver’s dam, bouncing up and down. A big sign on the top of the dam announced: “Practice Six Good Things”. Beaver was busy patching up his dam after a storm. “Hey, Spider, what brings you here?” “I… Read More »

Rinpoche gave me some advice recently. I expressed to her at breakfast one day that I felt some anger arising in me when I tried to study the Dharma. She said that perhaps I was applying the competitive and intense mindset that came from studying in school.… Read More »

As I sit here typing, sun is streaming through the sun catchers on the window and I have rainbows landing on me. After the three weeks in January where I saw the sun for a total of two or three hours, sunlight fills me with… Read More »

February 13, 2017 Yeshe Ozer No Comments

Spider was wobbling her weavy web. “What are you doing, neighbor?”, asked Beaver. “Cleaning! Blowing out the cobwebs.” “Spiders have cobwebs too?”, said Beaver, looking surprised. “Sure! Now and again you just have to give your house a good shake and get rid of ’em.… Read More »

Down The Rabbit Hole Diving down the rabbit hole– Not to play in fantasy, But for discernment– To discover what is real. The stillness envelopes me. But there is also a constant movement of energy! It has a warm blackness, spaciousness. I rest deeply. Then… Read More »

I partially wrote several different blog posts this week, but none of them were satisfying and left me feeling like: “Okay, that’s nice, but what do I really want to share?” I finally came up with this, which is advice for difficult times. It came… Read More »

January 23, 2017 Ngawang Tenzing No Comments

As we practice cultivating a calm mind, it is not that we become devoid of feelings. Rather, we learn to discriminate between the beneficial and the harmful.

Please stay Rinpoche Hearts and ears still yearn to hear Nightingale’s sweet song. By Kathy (Lhakpa Tashi)   Kathy McGrane has been a student of Domo Geshe Rinpoche since 2008. In the past she has lived, studied, worked, and volunteered in places as diverse as… Read More »

January 2, 2017 Yeshe Ozer No Comments

Spider was spinning her spirally spools. “Spout!” she thought to herself. “Spout? Spout! That’s what you do all day. One spout after another.” Just then, Beaver showed up. “Hello neighbor.” “Spout!” said Spider. “Spout?” asked Beaver. “That’s what we do, all day long – spout.”… Read More »

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